Coronavirus in United States of America

Coronavirus in United States of America


Donald Trump, the Washington President said on Sunday that they will be able to develop the vaccine by the end of 2020. He said that the death toll would not go beyond 100,000 after the number of people who died due to this pandemic of CoronaVirus passed his earlier estimates. Donald Trump continues to blame China for the spread and disaster due to this CoronaVirus. 


He said that China has not been informed about this pandemic for a long time and that is why the other world didn’t get the chance to recover. According to the FOX Broadcasting news channel, Donald Trump has stated that this virus has been made by China in their biological lab where they were researching Bats, and unfortunately the virus formed in their lab skipped out by mistake and has taken people of china in its grip. Later on it spread its feet all around the world. 


Coronavirus in United States Update


US Current Condition due to CoronaVirus


The illness due to this new Coronavirus has sickened around 1.1 million people in America, and the death toll has reached up to 70,000 till 5th May 2020. But the Americans are not ready to stay in lockdowns for more days, as they are demanding to lift the shutdowns in most of the states. People are demonstrating on the road against the shutdown. 


New York is the city that is worst affected by this COVID-19. More than 327,374 people are suffering from this Coronavirus in New York only. After New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, and Virginia are the most affected cities of the United States of America


Coronavirus daily cases in US


  1. Till the 10th of march the condition of the US was quite stable due to this COVID-19.
  2. But after 12th and 14th march the graph of Coronavirus sufferers increased suddenly.
  3. On the 10th of March there were only 254 patients reported on a daily basis due to Coronavirus.
  4. On 14th it doubled and became 662. Till the end of the march the daily new cases of Coronavirus reached 23,197
  5. At the beginning of April 2020, the number of daily reported cases continues to rise very swiftly, and 
  6. In mid of April it reached 30,000 patients on a daily basis. 
  7. On 23rd April, the daily reporting persons due to this COVID-19 reached its peak that is 35,422 per day
  8. At the end of April, the US took a breath of relief as the daily cases fell to 24,377.


Coronavirus in US: Death and recovery rate


At the beginning of March, the number of people who were dying due to Coronavirus on a daily basis was 6 to 8 per day. After the 10th of March there were on average 10 to 12 persons dying due to this pandemic. 


Soon the death toll reached to 4066 till the end of the March. In the mid of April, it crossed the records of all the entire countries, and the death toll reached beyond 30,000, and at the end of April the death toll was 69,921 that was shocking for the entire world. 


The recovery rate of the US is pretty good as 188,068 people have recovered so far. This is 73% which is quite better than other countries. The death rate is 27% as 69,925 people have died so far in America, due to this COVID-19. Although the US is amongst the top countries who are worst affected due to this dangerous pandemic, their recovery rate is quite good as compared to other countries. 


In the beginning, The US Donald Trump, did not take the matter seriously due to the fear of economical loss, but this cost them a huge disaster for their citizens and economy as well. 


Coronavirus in US: Medical Scenario

  • There were 2.9 hospital beds behind every 1000 people in the United States, fewer than Mongolia, Japan, Turkmenistan, Argentina, and Labia.
  • As analysed by the WHO, the health department of America ranks 69th out of 182 countries in the world, that is why the number of deaths is more in the US as compared to other countries.
  • There are 2.6 doctors in every 1000 people in America, which is also very unimpressive as compared to other developed countries. 
  • The life expectancies at birth are very less than Chile and China, even the maternal mortality rate is seriously lower than Iran and Saudi Arabia. 
  • Although medical facilities are quite advanced in America, it lacks in terms of the total number of doctors and beds for every 1000 persons, in comparison to many less developed countries than America.
  • Due to above mentioned reasons, the death toll has reached 70,000 in America that is much higher than other countries, like Italy, Spain, France, China, Britain, and Iran.



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