Italy: Coronavirus Updates & News

A positive news is coming from Italy, as it has reported lowest death tolls, on 27th April 2020. Since 20 April, the total number of new infected patients was very less at just 2,324 as on Sunday. If we throw a glance over the total number of fatalities, then it stands at 26,644.


The death rate of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy has risen by 260 and reached 2,357 on Sunday, whereas on Saturday it was 2,324. There was a sharp down in death toll from 415 on Saturday, that marked the noticeable fall in succession. 


The total number of fatalities just got decreased in the month of Feb. Italy has the second highest number of cases infected due to Coronavirus after the United States of America. In Italy the rate of fatalities is 26,644.



Italy: Number of Confirmed and recovered cases

  1. The total number of confirmed cases in Italy has touched 197,675 that is the third highest global tally, just after the US and Spain
  2. On Saturday, the number of people who registered as currently carrying illness increased to 106,103 from 105,847 on Saturday, 2020. 
  3. If we talk about the people who are in intensive care due to severe problems of COID-19 are 2009 as on Sunday. On Sunday, there were 2,102 people admitted in the hospital under intensive care. 
  4. The total number of confirmed and recovered cases are now reached to 64,928, whereas a day earlier the agencies declared 63,120 people recovered from this pandemic in Italy.
  5. The number of people who have tasted so far out of a population of around 60 million, are 1.187 million, and a day prior this number was 1.148 million.

Italy: current situation of economy

  • Italy’s medical health department has been considered to be the world’s second largest and best medically furnished country, but still it has surrendered Infront of COVID-19.


  • Italy is going to allow factories and building sites to restart from the 4th of May 2020. 


  • Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that we are going to allow some of the families to permit limited visits, as they are going to end Europe’s longest coronavirus lockdown.


  • It’s been two months since the people of Italy had a lockdown. The first case of COVID-19 appeared in a very small town, just at the out-skirt of Milan. 


  • Now,  Italy is going to face the second term of crises. Italy is going to start its economy without being triggered by a new round of infection. 


  • The Prime Minister of Italy has accepted that they are going to face a new very complex challenge. They have restarted mapping the roads to begin the economic activities. 
  • It’s been a long time since Italy is hibernating. 


  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, construction companies, essential goods-producing factories, are preparing to open from the 4th of May, as instructed by the guidelines of the Italian Government. 


  • But there will be restrictions on restaurants and bars, as they can start functioning from 1st of June only.


  • Most of the companies and corporate sectors will reopen with lots of restrictions and guidelines that have to be followed by these organizations.


  • The reporting of the economy will form the base for deeper reforms of the economy in the future.


  • Italy is going to reopen its museums, libraries, sports complex, art galleries, etc. Parks are also going to reopen from 18the may, but only limited persons at a time will be allowed to visit in parks, and other public places. 


  • Schools will remain closed till the next order by the govt. Schools can be permitted to open after the start of the second session that is going to start from September.

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