Coronavirus Maharashtra (India)

Coronavirus latest news about Maharashtra (India)

The Indian National lockdown has entered its 27th day, and the number of COVID-19 cases are rising day by day. 


Now, if we talk about the latest data extricated by the Union Health Minister of India, the total number of positive cases has reached to 18,995, and the number of people who have died due to this server Coronavirus is 603. 




If we tally the people who are cured and discharged from the hospital is 3260. But the positive thing about this pandemic in India, is that the doubling rate is decreasing in days. Earlier it was 3.4 days, but now it is 7.5 days, as reported by our health minister of India. 


It doesn’t mean we can move out of our houses; lockdown is still very important in order to save more people and the lives of our doctors and health workers.

CoronaVirus out-break & growth rate in Maharashtra

Maharashtra along with Delhi has stood as the worst affected area from the COVID-19. Maharashtra is the state where this dangerous pandemic occurred for the very first time on 9 March 2020. 


As on 21st April 2020, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra has reached to 4,669, and the death toll has gone to 232, till date. It is the state where more than 40% of the total cases of India have encountered, and the death toll is 46% of all over India. 


If We discuss the Mortality rate, then Maharashtra has 6.9% that is significantly high as compared to the other states of India as well as the highest in the world.  

Most cases have been reported from the large Metropolitan Region, such as Mumbai and Pune. 


Mumbai and Pune are the cities where we have found the most dangerous Coronavirus hotspots than India. It is at the top of the list among ten hot spotted cities of India, such as Delhi and Rajasthan. 


Most of the cases in Maharashtra are due to the people who have travelled to other countries, like the US, UK, Japan, Russia, Italy, China, etc. At the end of March 2020, there were only 335 total cases in Maharashtra.

April Out-Break of Coronavirus in Maharashtra

But in the month of April, the graph of Corona virus-infected people, increased very rapidly as the days went up. 


On a daily basis, the confirmed cases are coming in a ratio of 250 to 350. On 7th April 2020, Maharashtra was the first state to cross the significant number of positive cases that were 1000. 


Here the major role was played by the members of Tablighi Jamaat Congregation, Delhi, after the outbreak of Jamaat’s in Delhi. Due to these Tablighi Jamaat’s, the positive number of cases increased rapidly in Delhi and Maharashtra as well. 


As on 22nd March, the state government had announced that section 144 is going to impose around the state, the only relaxation was given to the essential service provider of the state, 

such as the food store, Kiryana store, fruits, and vegetable stores, Sabji-Mandi, Rashan Wala’s, Medicine stores, hospitals, health care workers, etc.


Now, the COVID-19 has hit the biggest slum of India as well as of the world, “Dharavi” Mumbai. This slum has spread over an area of 2.1 square Kilometres, and approx., 7, 00, 000 is the population of this slum.


If the Coronavirus could not be controlled over here, then due to the very high density of this area, the situation can be worse in the coming time. 


But the Maharashtra government is doing lot of efforts to save the life of “Dharavi” people. The whole area has been sealed, and a sharp eye of the cops are always gazing at the activities of the Dharavi people. 

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