Coronavirus Symptoms And CoronaVirus disease

Most of the people around the world, who are suffering from COVID-19, or are having CoronaVirus Symptoms, such as, coughing, sneezing, mild to high fever, dry throat, etc. 

But few people are at the most dangerous line of this disease, like older people, children, and infants, people with underlying medical problems, for instance, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and cancer, are some of the serious diseases.




The biggest positive hope regarding this disease is that in some of the cases it can be cured without getting special treatment. The person can experience only mild fever and little illness if he possesses a good immune system. 

The best way to be safe and secure from this disease is quite well explained by the WHO and other health organizations that is to stay away from the close contacts of others. 

As far as possible, do not move out of your home. Frequently wash hands, whenever you touch something or go out to buy something.

Do not forget to put a secured and safe mask that should be made with at least three layers. Normal masks can be used in case you are at home and are not in contact with an infected person. The idiom is now proving to be better suited here that “safety is better than cure”

If you will follow the safety measure carefully, then it is the only tool that can break the chain of this CoronaVirus, even if there won’t be any new cases and you along with your family members will remain safe always.

Coronavirus Symptoms – How It Spread Initially

    1. There are few sources through which this coronavirus spreads at the initial level. Read the following methods and ways by which this deadly disease spreads and make chaos in our life.
    2. The first source is the droplets that come out from the mouth of the infected people when he or she sneezes or coughs.
    3. The second way is breathing. When an infected person breathes out and if someone is standing in front of him then he or she can get this disease through the air particles of that infected person.


  • If an infected person has just sneezes or coughs without covering his or her mouth from the tissue or mask, then the virus will come out and will be sitting on the surface of each and everything that is lying around that person. 


    1. It depends on the object or matter that how long the virus can survive on a surface. But in between if the other person passes over and touches the surface, but before washing his hands, he touches his eyes, nose or mouth that time the virus can immediately transfer inside that good person. 
    2. If you are buying some household things from the market and after taking it home you forget to sanitize, then it can be transferred to you and your family members very easily.
    3. Coronavirus symptoms take about 10 to 15 days to appear, till then a person who is unaware that he has got infected can make so many other people infected.


  • In its early symptoms, the person will be having throat dryness, with fewer and cough, immediately you have to contact our medical health emergency to the team for the check-ups and tests.


CoronaVirus symptoms – Simple precautions to stay away from CoronaVirus

Although there are a lot of guidelines to stay away from coronavirus symptoms and disease, few things are very necessary to keep in mind that are declared by the health team of “World Health Organisation”

Keep on taking the latest information about this COVID-19 from the trusted and reliable news channels only. 

Do not believe in myths and fake news. Fear is more dangerous than the actual cause. Do not panic or worry about the safety of you and your family, just follow the precautionary measures.

  1. Never forget to wash your hands thoroughly using an alcohol-based hand rub, or you can just wash your hands with the soap and handwash for 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. Social distancing is the most important thing that none of us should forget. Always keep a distance of at least 2 to 3 meters from others outside your home. 
  3. While coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth either using tissues, napkins, handkerchief, or with your elbow. Avoid sneezing in your hands.
  4. Never touch your mouth, ears, eyes, and nose with your contaminated hands and fingers. Wash your hands whenever you come in contact with any object outside your home or in the market. 
  5. Stay at your home, and do not go outside for any reason. If you have to buy any household thing, then send only one person from your house. 
  6. Follow the guidelines thoroughly, and also make others follow them properly. Aware as many people around you, as you can but do not go to their homes or stand in close to them. you can spread awareness via various social networking channels and even via phone calls.
  7. If you see any coronavirus symptoms in any person, call the health team of your locality immediately.

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