Month: April 2020

Italy: Coronavirus Updates & News

A positive news is coming from Italy, as it has reported lowest death tolls, on 27th April 2020. Since 20 April, the total number of new infected patients was very less at just 2,324 as on Sunday. If we throw a glance over the total number of fatalities, then it stands at 26,644.   The …

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Coronavirus Maharashtra (India)

Coronavirus latest news about Maharashtra (India) The Indian National lockdown has entered its 27th day, and the number of COVID-19 cases are rising day by day.    Now, if we talk about the latest data extricated by the Union Health Minister of India, the total number of positive cases has reached to 18,995, and the …

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Coronavirus Symptoms And CoronaVirus disease

Most of the people around the world, who are suffering from COVID-19, or are having CoronaVirus Symptoms, such as, coughing, sneezing, mild to high fever, dry throat, etc.  But few people are at the most dangerous line of this disease, like older people, children, and infants, people with underlying medical problems, for instance, heart disease, …

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