History and beginning of CoronaVirus in Goa

Goa is a coastal state and there is a huge amount of moisture that is always been present in the air. As it is a coastal area lots of ports are there and it is very near to the Mumbai (Maharashtra) where more than 50 cases of Coronavirus have been reported till date, but still, Goa was safe from Coronavirus was up to 17th of March. Now Coronavirus in Goa entered with its first case on 18th of March, 2020. The Health Ministry of Goa took very instant action in reply to this COVID-19. Mr Vishwajit Rane who is the Minister of the health department, announced on Wednesday about the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Goa. Lots of people are trying to spread hoax news around the country to panic the people. Some people are calling and saying that they are speaking from a notified lab, and spreading hoax and mischievous news.

  • Mr Rane said that we are trying to chase such people who are spreading panic and false news among people to make them panic.
  • Mr Vishwajit Rane had informed that a Norwegian national, has been shifted to the isolation ward due to symptoms of CoronaVirus.
  • He was suffering from fever, cough, and bodily appetite was taken under observation and his report is positive. Government has collected his travelling history also.
  • He reached India on 6th of February 2020 and then moved to Delhi, Assam, Agara, and Meghalaya. Finally, he reached Goa on the 20th of February.
  • He has had a fever and cough since March 10. So that was the first case reported in Goa last Wednesday.

Safety measurements’ taken by the Government of Goa against CoronaVirus

Goa is the most renowned beach in India. It is known as the nightlife destination for tourism. It is the hub of thousands of tourists, who come every year to spend some leisure time with their loved one parents, and family. Even thousands of foreign tourists came to spend their holidays in Goa. Goa is the most attractive and diminishing part of India. But now the Government of Goa has been taking strict actions to fight against this severe disease CoronaVirus in Goa. The Govt. is trying to find all the loopholes that can be removed to stop the spreading inside Goa, under the protocol of the World Health Organisation.

  • Mr Rane, the health minister of Goa said, “The State Govt. is issuing directives and has moved a file for lockdown”.
  • All of the borders, roads connecting to Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states have been sealed to prevent tourists from visiting the tourists and other people to Goa.
  • A lab is being set up in Goa to test the cases of Coronavirus in Goa, till then the samples of various suspects for testing COVID-19 have been sent to National Institute of Virology in Pune.
  • On Sunday the Government announced a partial lockdown in Goa.
  • Schools, colleges, institutes, cinema halls, boat cruise, casino, nightclubs, and all types of travelling have been adjourned till the 31st of March. On Saturday, the chief minister of Goa Pramod Sawant has informed about this.
  • A high-level meeting of all cabinet ministers and other administrative ministers have been held in which they all together decided to take further measures to control Corona Virus in Goa.
  • All types of exams, festivals, and other cultural programmes have been cancelled until the 31st of March. This lockdown can be increased in case of severe effects of Corona.
  • Gym, Spa, public transports, metro, Ristorantes, Nursery, Educational institutes, all will have remained closed.
  • Chief Minister Pramod Savant said that we are fully prepared to fight against the CoronaVirus, with all protective measures.
  • The Govt. has also announced the implant thermal scanner to all the railway stations and airports to scan outsiders.

Panic among people from Corona Virus in Goa

The people of Goa have been panicked due to spreading cases of Corona in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Govt. is taking all necessary steps to remove this panic from the heart of their people. People have been advised not to organise any type of collective gathering and cultural festivals. Festivals like SHIGMO have also been cancelled. For your information, ‘Shigmo’ is the public float parade that is celebrated in Goa Every year. It’s a part of “Spring Utsav” of Goa.

Mr Manual Cardiso who is the General Secretary of “All Goa Traditional Sheik Honours Association” said that there is 50 % of the decrease in the tourism of Goa due to this COVID-19. People are advised to stay away from all types of gathering and community discussions. Due to the panic and fear spread all around the world, most of the tourist have been kept isolated inside their hotels and motels.

One of the owners of a hotel in Calangute in Goa told that one of the Russian tourists was about to come to Goa, but on a telephonic conversation that they have cancelled their Goa trip due to increasing cases of Goa in India. Similarly, lots of Indian Tourists have cancelled their trip to Goa. Although people of Goa have shown greatly concerned about this and are following the precautions announced by the Govt.

coronavirus goa update based on latest orders by the Government

  • The Government has made a special task force in Goa to keep a sharp eye on the movement of people and tour and travelling department of Goa. The Govt. will put all the people in quarantine who are coming from other countries, like China, Rom, Iran, and Italy. 
  • If any kind of mischievous activities will be seen by any person then he or she will be put inside the bars, told by the minister of the health department in Goa. 
  • Like all other states of India, Goa has also announced to lock down the state till 31st of March, but the supply of all essential goods, like grains, food, milk, medicines and vegetables will continue to supply.
  • All types of Interstate transports have been banned and Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code has been imposed on the coastal state since 22nd of March 20. 
  • Section 144 has been imposed in various states of the INDIA, like, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, etc. 
  • The act prohibits all types of the gathering of the people. There cannot be allowed to gather more than 5 people at a place and all types of unnecessary services will be closed until the removal of this act. 
  • Speaking to the press reporters and media persons, Mr Rane said that section 144 will be implemented in the state from the morning of 22nd March 20.
  • Some of the private vehicles will be allowed to run inside the state. Private events like wedding ceremonies have also been banned. Various restrictions have been made by the health authorities of Goa at the state-run Medical college including the hospitals of Goa.
  • Visiting hours of the patient’s relatives and guardians have been suspended, said by the health minister Mr Rane. The hospitals will have to give a show cause notice to the government.
  • Who has denied admitting the patients of CoronaVirus infections? If the authorities of that hospital will be found guilty, then their licence can be suspended or sealed. 
  • Government is also looking for those who are trying to spread panic among people by sending fake messages to the people about this pandemic disease. 
  • There will be FIR launched against such offenders. Borders sealed for all types of commutes and transports except the supply of essential goods.

Public protective measures by the Government to control Coronavirus in goa

Social Distancing | Goa updates corona

All types of supported events, competitions, summits, and gatherings related to any types of religious activities have been suspended or few of them have been postponed. All types of sharing cabs, buses, and autos have been prohibited to run throughout the state. Only the essential means of communications and transports, like PCR, Media Van, Ambulance, etc are allowed to run on the tracks. All the offices and workplaces including Govt. are instructed to operate from home. Distilleries will be allowed to manufacture the sanitisers, masks and other health-related goods to overcome the effects and spread of Corona. Medicine factories are also allowed to continue their operations as it is a health and life-related facility, so it cannot be stopped to work. Even the street food seller and the vendors of other articles will not be allowed to keep their stalls at anywhere in the state. An advisory notice has also been issued by the Govt. to regulate the working hours and industrial establishments to adopt staggered timings with the regulation of crowd in local markets. Children and all other senior citizens have been strictly advised to stay inside the home so as to ensure the protective measures for all of them. People should stay away from all types of public hoardings and hoax news. All types of registrations, like marriage, death, birth, and other documents have been instructed to stop their deeds postponed till 31st march.  

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