What is Coronavirus ? What is the Cure of COVID-19 ?

A quick look upon the current scenario around the world, due to Corona Virus

Although COVID -19 was started from the city of Wuhan in China, soon it burst out to other neighbouring countries. The number of infected people is increasing day by day around the whole world. Now it has been spread over more than 155 countries and 1, 74,000 people have registered infected with Coronavirus.

Around 50, 00, 00,000 people have been locked down inside of their homes for safety reasons. Share markets have reached to the lowest rate of 31 months. Companies like Google and Apple have closed their office and have told the employees to do work from their homes.

Most of the companies have locked down and are doing the task from home. Schools market and shopping malls, Cinema house, shops, Multiplex, colleges, and institutions have been completely closed for some days. People are instructed to avoid travelling and gathering at a place. Most of the biggest religious places and temples have been closed for the entire world.

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