What Is Coronavirus?

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A quick look upon the current scenario around the world, due to Corona Virus

Although COVID -19 was started from the city of Wuhan in China, soon it burst out to other neighbouring countries. The number of infected people is increasing day by day around the whole world. Now it has been spread over more than 155 countries and 1, 74,000 people have registered infected with Coronavirus.

Around 50, 00, 00,000 people have been locked down inside of their homes for safety reasons. Share markets have reached to the lowest rate of 31 months. Companies like Google and Apple have closed their office and have told the employees to do work from their homes.

Death and recovery rate of corona

  • In the UK more than 1,643 people have been reported infected with the virus out of which 55 people have died. In Italy, there are 27,980 people who have under the grip of COVID-19 out of which 1,809 people have died. Iran has registered up to 12, 729 confirmed cases and the number of people who have died are 514. Iran is the third most affected country after China and Italy.
  • The fourth country which is under the sever effect of this virus is Spain. There are 8000 people who have been infected with Corona Virus and the number of deaths has been doubled in the past few days. These are about only those countries which are severely infected with the virus. However it has been spread all over the world, but the death rate is not up to that level as other countries that is the relaxing part for all of us. We need to contribute to the work of government by following the safety measures as prescribed by the World Health Organisation.
  • The countries which are declared to be at the high risk from Corona Virus is Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, US, Australia, UK at 17th number, the US is at 6th number, Australia is at 10th number from the high-risk countries. Sydney, New york, and London come under the list of top 20 countries that are at the verge of risk. Due to all the above reasons, this disease has been declared as a Pandemic Disease around the world.
We update it according to WHO

Recommendations of CDC for the people who have travelled in abroad

  • CDC has advised the people especially who have come from any kind of foreign trip, they should stay in isolation at least for 14 days.
  • They should monitor their health and should avoid social contacts if necessary maintain at least a distance of 3 fees to two meters while talking to them.
  • If you have a fever or a body temperature more than 100.4°F/38°C followed by cough and breathing problem, immediately seek consult from the doctors or any nearby health department.
  • Call the doctors to your home, instead of going to the hospital as it can transfer the virus to others also.
  • Never hide anything about your travelling and contacts with the people.
  • Keep your mouth and hands covered with the mask and gloves.
  • While coughing and sneezing cover your mouth with a napkin or handkerchief.
  • Wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds in 7-8 times in a day or whenever you touch anything outside the home.
  • If you are unable to wash hands, again and again, use sanitizer to clean your hands that should have at least 60 % of alcohol.

As per latest news, there are 186, 996 cases have been registered till date out of which 7,477 people have died and 80,842 have recovered till date. If we discuss about active and running cases of CORONAVIRUS then there are 98,677 cases around the world, who are seeking treatments. There are a total of 88,319 closed cases. In the level of severity, 6,490 people are at severing stage and 92,187 are in mild condition. 80,842 patients are those who have recovered and discharged till 17th march, 2020.

History and beginning of CoronaVirus in Goa 

Goa is a coastal state and there is a huge amount of moisture that is always been present in the air. As it is a coastal area lots of ports are there and it is very near to the Mumbai (Maharashtra) where more than 50 cases of Coronavirus have been reported till date, but still, Goa was safe from Coronavirus was up to 17th of March. Now Coronavirus in Goa entered with its first case on 18th of March, 2020. The Health Ministry of Goa took very instant action in reply to this COVID-19. Mr Vishwajit Rane who is the Minister of the health department, announced on Wednesday about the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Goa. Lots of people are trying to spread hoax news around the country to panic the people. Some people are calling and saying that they are speaking from a notified lab, and spreading hoax and mischievous news.

  • Mr Rane said that we are trying to chase such people who are spreading panic and false news among people to make them panic.
  • Mr Vishwajit Rane had informed that a Norwegian national, has been shifted to the isolation ward due to symptoms of CoronaVirus.
  • He was suffering from fever, cough, and bodily appetite was taken under observation and his report is positive. Government has collected his travelling history also.
  • He reached India on 6th of February 2020 and then moved to Delhi, Assam, Agara, and Meghalaya. Finally, he reached Goa on the 20th of February.
  • He has had a fever and cough since March 10. So that was the first case reported in Goa last Wednesday.

Safety measurements’ taken by the Government of Goa against CoronaVirus……..